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AAFM India’s CWM Program announces approval

6 January 2014, Singapore - The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM™) is very pleased to announce the approval AAFM™ India's CWM™ Program as an approved program for fulfilling the education criterion under the "Investor Advisor Regulations" of Securities and Exchange Board of India. Any individual or organization who wishes to provide investment advise services in India would need to be a CWM certificate holder. For details on the AAFM™ India CWM™ Program, please visit http://www.aafmindia.co.in/  

AAFM Announces launch of CWMI

11 June 2013 - AAFM announces with great pleasure, the establishment of the Chartered Wealth Manager Institute (CWM Institute). Globally, the wealth management industry is growing at a rapid pace. In Asia, the development of the wealth management industry is the fastest in the world. Today, both practitioners and clients are now expecting more from their wealth managers. While this is healthy and encouraging, there is also a need for a more focused, structured and disciplined platform for professional development. In response to the demands of wealth managers, the Board of Standards of the American Academy of Financial Management has established the CWM Institute to ensure a dedicated continuing professional development platform for wealth managers. To ensure alignment and the utmost integrity with global best practices in awarding professional designations, the CWM Institute will have these 5 pillars of professional standards: 1. Wealth Manager Capability Framework. CWM Institute has conducted an exhaustive research on best practices with leading private, priority and retail banks, as well as insurance and financial advisory organizations. The result is a comprehensive capability framework for today's wealth manager. 2. Board of Standards. For over a decade, our world-class board and council has been assembled to advise on the capability framework, course curriculum design and examination questions bank. 3. Centralized Examination and Assessment. Any new CWM candidate is required to take and pass an updated centralized examcontrolled by the Board of Standards, and administered by CWMI. 4. CWM Exam-Preparatory Courses. We will continue to offer CWM courses in both public programs, as well as in-house trainings. The updated CWM course provides a strong foundation for participants to take the exam. Most importantly, the course is designed by leading practitioners and combines training for technical knowledge, technical skills and advisory skills. 5. Licensed Training Providers and Accredited Trainers. In order to ensure consistency and quality in training delivery, the CWM Institute has established a strict licensing criteria for training providers. Further, all trainers must go through a rigorous and accreditation process. Currently, there are 6 accredited training providers in Asia and 11 accredited trainers, covering both technical and advisory topics. The good news for existing Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM) professionals, the CWM professional designation is fully recognized and they are automatically members of the CWM Institute. Existing CWMs are provided with a 1 (one) year free membership, and are welcomed to participate in all activities and functions organized by the CWM Institute. The CWMI will also be rolling out various benefits for members in the coming months.

CCC – Certified Chartered Cost Controller™

For specialist financial controllers or management accountants responsible for optimizing internal performance on a cost basis, and implementing operational strategies at a cost centre level.

CAMC – Certified Anti-Money Laundering Consultant™

The Certified Anti-Money Laundering Consultant's - designation is designed for professionals involved in the policing, review and reporting of transactional elements of financial institutions and corporations.

CAPA – Certified Asset Protection Analyst™

This riveting course is an practical overview into the often complex realm of international tax, asset protection, estate planning, and immigration law. Law School Professors will bridge the gap between foundational principles of U.S. international tax and estate planning including immigration visa categories, requirements, and triggers along with their consequences.

CAM – Chartered Asset Manager™

The core designation for Asset Managers, the CAM™ is recognized by various Investor Education authorities and represents an excellent professional designation for Asset specialists working on resource mobilization and portfolio management.

CFOM – Chartered Family Office Manager™

The CFOM qualification examines the growth in multi-faceted family office practices for high-net worth clients, particularly in respect to the role of advising clients on international affairs.

FAD-CMA – Chartered Market Analyst™

The Financial Analyst Designate FAD or Chartered Market Analyst Designation is the specialized research and market technician financial analyst credential that is offered by the AAFM.

CPM – Chartered Portfolio Manager™

Focused on portfolio and fund management, research, portfolio technology, and investing, the CPM program offers executives the tools to focus on specialist portfolio management techniques. It requires a minimum of 3 years experience, plus a career in Investment.

CRA – Certified Risk Analyst™

The core designation in the AAFM's Risk Management program, the CRA covers areas of AML and Financial Crimes and Operational Risk and looks at management techniques, structures and strategies for today's modern corporation/institution. For additional specifics, focus on the actual bästa casino på nätet. It requires working exp in Risk.

CTEP – Chartered Trust and Estate Planner™

Trusts and Estates is one of the oldest and most complex disciplines of the wealth management sector. The CTEP focuses on key knowledge and strategies of international tax, trusts and estates planning.

ChE or CEPA – Certified Chartered Economist™

(Economic Policy)
Certified Corporate Economist offered by our Academic Board of Economic Policy and Monetary Analysis offers board recognition for contribution to corporate strategy and policy through Economic analysis. Test out your success for spela på nätet casino. Requires 5 years experience, plus Economist education. In Association with the ACCE Accociation of Chartered Economists.

CTS – Certified Chartered Transfer Pricing Specialist™

Certified Transfer Pricing Specialist™ CTS™ Board Certification (via AAFM) Requires: International Transfer Pricing - required; Law and Tax of Intellectual Property; Tax Treaties Law & Planning; Offshore Financial Services; Advanced International Tax Planning

ChMA – Certified Chartered Mortgage Analyst™

The Mortgage Analyst designation is a retail mortgage products and lending specialist program that focuses on best practice credit approvals, products structure and collections for the mortgage business.

MFM – Master Certified Financial Marketer (Certification)™

For specialist financial marketing professionals or marketing management experts responsible for optimizing marketing and relationship performance.

MFC – Master Financial Controller™

For specialist financial controllers or management accountants responsible for optimizing internal performance on a cost basis, and implementing operational strategies at a cost centre level.

MCIFP – Master Certified Islamic Finance Professional™

The preeminent Islamic Finance qualification. Issued in association with the Islamic Institute of Financial Management. For practicing specialists in Islamic Finance.

CWM – Chartered Wealth Manager™

Wealth Management is one of the fastest growing disciplines of the banking sector. The CWM™ focuses on developing relationship management, sales, communication and core financial planning skills to equip Wealth Management Professionals with graduate education. The AAFM™ CWM™ Program is a Federally Copyrighted Program founded in the United States with Wall Street Sector Trademarks owned by AAFM™. Please contact us or your training provider for more details.

MFP – Master Financial Professional™

Available via accreditation legal recognition agreements and articulations. Complete a degree from an AACSB™ and ACBSP™ double accredited programs with concentration in finance, and then become immediately eligible for MFP™. The MFP™ Path is the first Graduate credential that is awarded for completing a 4 year program or graduate program from an accredited institution. reported on more significant details pertaining to alla casino på nätet. The MFP™ establishes the fundamental global standards required for the Financial Professional in today's business environment. It recognizes concentrations in finance, economics, investments, asset and portfolio management, ethics, regulatory issues, tax, and accounting. It is also available as a conversion program.

Please contact us or your training provider for more details.

RBA – Registered Business Analyst™

A strategic MBA refresher with an intensive coverage on innovative and high-powered graduate level finance, business analysis, and leadership topics. Designed for the busy executive or upcoming management graduate. Includes focus on competitive intelligence and benchmarking. Take a look here to assist you to get more info spela casino på nätet.

Please contact us or your training provider for more details.

RFS – Registered Financial Specialist™

Covering financial planning, asset management, investment advising, and insurance topics, the RFS™ is the fundamental graduate qualification on AAFM Banking and Investment Management program.

Please contact us or your training provider for more details.

AAFM™ Asia and Middle East Board of Standards

  • Carl Thong, Chairperson, Asia Board of Standards
  • Meocre Li
  • Pamela Peng
  • Prof. Dr. George Mentz
  • Dr. Christopher Goh
  • Khartik Jhaveri
  • William Brynes
  • Eli Lenyon
  • Sean Rozario
  • Sandy Sun
  • Chay Yiowmin
  • Tan Sri Dato Prof Dr James Alfred
  • Clive Weatherhead
  • Gao Wen
  • Professor K C Chan, DLitt PhD PMP PMC CMC
  • Suraj Kumar Mishra

AAFM™ Global Boards of Standards™

The Honorary Board of Standards for AAFM™ is composed of 50 member professionals including faculty from several universities, financial executives and managers, lawyers, judges, and world renowned financial planning practitioners. 10 Doctorate level professionals sit on our academic committee overseeing standards and ethics. AAFM™ was begun by executives and faculty to provide financial education and certification worldwide through the use of executive training. AAFM™'s Board of Standards is a honorary voluntary board that creates the standards for professional membership and charter board certifications. The AAFM™ Board of Standards owns the global intellectual property, copyrights, designations and marks used herein.The AAFM™Board of Standards USA Recognizes over 600 approved and registered training channels worldwide. The AAFM™ Board of Standards is sole body that issues the certifications, distinctions, designations, awards, research, consulting and recognitions globally. The AAFM™ Global Board is headed by its CEO and Chair in the United States: Prof. George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM™ - Attorney at Law. Global Board of Academic Advisors & Professors 2005-2011* Note: these distinguished faculty members are not faculty of AAFM™. The majority of professors here are award recipients and honorary distinguished global advisors.

  • Prof. Dr. C. Bergström, PhD - Stockholm School of Economics Department of Finance Head of the EFI (Economic Research Institute at the Stockholm School of Economics) – Sweden
  • Professor Dr. Roberto J. Santillán Salgado, PhD - Director of the Master of Science in Finance Program at EGADE-ITESM, Monterrey Mexico Campus
  • Direktor: Prof. Dr. D. Sondermann, PhD, MFP™ . Universität Bonn - Institut für Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften - Germany
  • Prof. Dr. G. J. Charreaux, PhD - Universite de Bourgogne Dijon Cedex, Bourgogne 21066 France MFP™ (Honorary Global Advisor) France
  • Prof. Dr. C. P Wolff, PhD, MFP™ - Maastricht University - The Netherlands Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, London
  • Prof. David H. Lasky, MA, AAFM™, MFP™, MIFP™ – Switzerland & Austria
  • Casimir Sayn-Wittgenstein, MFP™, CWM™, MIFP™ - UK, Germany, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Munro, PhD, MA, MFP™ - Gainesville, FL University of Florida Law School - Co-Director, Center for International Financial Crimes Studies USA
  • Elizabeth E.M. Thompson, B.A., LL.B., MFP™, Registrar General of the Bahamas, Barrister, Counsel and Attorney-at-Law, Master Financial Professional, Charter Professional Member Association of Certified Anti-Project Management Certification Specialists. Bahamas
  • Prof. Dr. Joseph Heinlein, Brussels "The Original US Business School in Europe" BU Belgium (Honorary Advisor)
  • Jack McCaffery III, JD, LLM, CWM™, MBA, DBA ABD, CAM, MFP™
  • Jonathan Dougherty, J.D., LL.M., CWM™, CAM™, MFP™
  • Dr. Jeffrey Riggs, PhD, ChE, MS, MA - Research Economist & Investor Communications - NC, USA
  • Prof Bernard Gerson, Brussels
  • Dean J. Mc Farland, PhD, CMA Chartered Market Analyst* Dean of The Tulane Freeman School of Business* New Orleans
  • Prof. (Dr.) Niranjan C. Bhat, Hon. Global Advisor for AAFM™ and AAPM™, International & Grand PhD, FAAPM / FAAFM, MPM / MQM / MMC, CIPM, GPM, CPD and MFP™ - India.
  • James Lavorgna, JD, CWM™, CFP™, LLM - AAFM™ Certified Trainer
  • Prof. Dr. M. Dalton, PhD, CPA, JD, CWM™ -CEO Money Education Co.** Honorary Advisor to the Board
  • Hon. Dir. Andrew Kane, OBE, CWM™, CRA - CEO and Managing Director HSBC Private Banking - Wealth Management, Califor    nia - AAFM™ Master Financial Planner
  • Prof. Dr. Pablo Fernandez, PhD, MFP™ - IESE Business School Madrid Spain
  • Dr. Nicola A. Spence, LLB, CPM, CWM™, CAM™, CTEP™ - San Francisco - Asia Attorney at Law
  • Prof. Dr. Shinichi Watanabe, PhD - Belgium
  • Prof. S. J. Brown, Ph.D., NYU Stern School of Business, David S. Loeb Professor of Finance
  • Prof. Jean Bellemans - Brussels
  • Dr. Benjamin Findley, CPM™, Colonel, USAFR (Ret) (Special Honorary Advisor)
  • Prof. Dr. C. R. Harvey, PhD - J. Paul Sticht Professor of International Business, Fuqua School of Business, Duke Univ. (Honorary Advisor) USA
  • Dean George L. Salis, PhD. LLM, LLB (Hons), BS, FAD™, MFM™, CWM™, MFP™ , CEPA Dean and Programme Director, Legal Studies Dept., Keiser College, CEO & Principal JurisConsults International Group, LLC Member: ABA, IBA, London Court International Arbitration, Royal Society of Fellows Florida,USA. Member: ABA, IBA, London Court International Arbitration, Royal Society of Fellows.
  • Prof. Julia K. Brazelton, PhD, MFP™ - Connecticut
  • Dr. Zlatko Sijercic, PhD, CPM™, CMA™, CRA™ - Principal, Alpha Experts Group LLC, FL USA (Honorary Global Advisor)
  • Dr. Junaid M. Shaikh, PhD, MCom, MPhil, MFP™, BCom (Hons.), GDCA -Senior Lecturer - Curtin University of Technology - Former Head of Accounting Dept at Mult. Univ. 
School of Business, Sarawak ,Malaysia,
  • Prof. Dr. Swarnankur Chatterjee, PhD, CMA™, FAD™ - Athens, GA, USA University Faculty
  • Prof. Thomas W. Goldman, JD, LLM, FAD™, CWM™,  MFP™
  • Darvin E. Glass, JD, LLM, MM, CAMC, CAM™ - Connecticut USA - Hon. Global Adv.
  • Dr. Lincoln B. S. Rosa, PhD, MFP™, CEC, IEC Fellow, EDS do Brasil EDS - SilvaRosa Consulting
  • Todd A. Leach, JD, MBA, CAMC, CCA™ - Maryland - Hon. Advisory Member
  • Cody Tellis, JD, LLM, MFP™, CWM™, CTEP™, CAM™ California, USA
  • Honorable Dr. Ishaq Shafiq, PhD, MFP™, CEPA -Master Financial Prof. Quantum III Consultants Group, LLC - United States
  • Dean Charles E. Sykes, Ph.D., MFP™, CCA™, RBA™ - Harris-Stowe State University, MO, USA
  • Dr. Josef von Laurer, Ph.D., MFP™, CPM™, CTEP™ - USA FL and Germany - Honorary Advisor
  • Peggie A. Russell, J.D, RBA™ - Business Analyst - Tennessee, USA (Honorary Global Advisor)
  • Andy Ong, CWM ™, CAM™, CPM™, CFP™ Chair, Wealth Management Association, Singapore
  • Phillippe Chan, Chief Financial Officer, BNP paribas (Hong Kong)
  • Dr. Venkateshwar Reddy, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
  • Robert J. Oravetz, LLM, CAMC, CRA™ - USA Hon. Global Advisor
  • Dr. R. Whitside, PhD, MFP™ Mas. Fin. Prof. (Honorary Award)
  • Kelvin Leong, MSc, CPA, MFP™, RBA™, CSA, FCCA, MIEEE - Hong Kong (Honorary Advisor)
  • Dr. Alfred Kahl, PhD Canada and US
  • Dr K.T.N. Murthy, MBA, PhD (USA), MFP™, CCD, CMC, MIMA, FUWAI, FMSPI
Executive Chairman, Amruthakrishna Group of Companies, Secunderabad India Financial Executive Hon. Global Advisor
  • Todd Leach, JD, MBA, CCA™, CITA™ - Compliance Exec. MD, USA - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Prof. Lena Booth, Thunderbird Am. Grad. School of Int'l Mgmt.
Finance Department World Business US and Singapore
  • Prof. Dr. Rajesh Mohnot, Academic Head FTMS Business School in Singapore, RBA, MFP™ (Honorary Global Advisor)
  • Prof. Edwin D. Dimaculangan, CPA, MBA, RFA™ Philippines
  • Prof. Dr. Gary K. Hunter, Ph.D. Arizona State University
  • Stewart Cloer, JD, LLM, MFM™, MFP™, CAMC - Illinois, USA
  • Jacob H. Gold, CFP ™, CWM ™. President of Jacob Gold & Assoc., Inc. (Honorary Advisor) Arizona, USA
  • Michael Hsu, J.D., MPF™, CTEP™, CWM™
  • Peter J, Loughlin, JD, LL.M., Esq., MFP Attorney-at-Law, Member Royal Society of Fellows; Member International Bar Association
  • Hon. Sameh Temraz, MFP™, CWM™ - Regional Director Zurich Int'l Dubai, UAE
  •  H. Freedman, JD, MBA, RFS™, MFM™, RBA™ - Advisor - Florida
  • Steven Burgeman, JD, LLM, CPA, CTS - Wealth Management - Illinois, USA - Hon. Gl. Adv.
  • Chris Goh, Academic Director, Finance Programs, ACPE, Singapore
  • Pamela Peng, MFP™ Director, IVY Schools, Taiwan (Special Advisor Asia)
  • Jeffrey Johnson, CPA, CMA, CPIM™, CFS, RFC Nevada, US
  • Richard N. Blackwood, MBA, MSFP, MST, RFC®, ChE™, CEA® - Florida, USA Hon Gl.Adv.
  • Renee Fisher, Esq. BA, LLB, MBA, CAM™, Nassau Bahamas
  • Gary S. Burroughs, CPA, CTEP™ CEP, TEP, CEA™, President of BSB, Inc., Oregon, USA MFP™ Master Financial Professional™
  • Joseph P. Mathew, MBA, RFA™, CAM™, CPM™, President, Hybrid Energy Advisors, Inc.
  • Zhong-yi Yang, MFTA,RFA,CPIM™,CEPA Taiwan Advisor
  • Prof. Luke Tan, CWM™, PhD ABD - President Thermed Ent., Inc.
  • W. L. Johnson, PhD, CPA, President - GPI, Inc. MFP™ Bahamas and Caribbean
  • Prof. Dr. Niels Schnecker, MFM™, CCE Managing Senior Partner, Schnecker van Wyk & Pearson - Romania - Europe
  • Michael Preiss, MFP™, RFS™, CWM™, AAFM™ Certified Trainer Asia
  • George B. Brewster, JD, CWM™, CRE at UBS Financial Services, San Francisco, CA*
  • Dr K.T.N. Murthy, MBA., Ph D., MFP™., CCD., CMC., FAAFM., FMSPI., FUWAI., Executive Chairman, Amruthakrishna Group of Companies, Secunderabad, India appointed as India Financial Executive and Honorable Distinguished Global Advisor
  • Craig Tapper, MFP™, RFS™, CWM™ AAFM™ Certified Trainer Asia
  • Gerald J. Shields, JD, CTEP™,  Washington DC
  • Lic. Carsten Preusse, RFA, CAM™ Germany
  • Tobias M. Mendelson, JD, CTEP™
  • Ricardo V. Dominguez, MBA, RFS™, CAM™, MFP™ Hon. Adv. USA - California and Texas
  • Tan Sri Dato Prof. Dr James Alfred BA Hons (Econs), LLB, MBA, PhD, FIoD, FCMI, FCIM, FIPlantE, FSOE, FCILT, FIOSH, FRSH, FCCS, CPA(Ireland), CPA(USA), MFP™(Master Financial Professional), RFA, CMA, CIPM™ - Malaysia - Indonesia
  • Prof. Christophe Couallier, MFP™, RFA - UOP Orlando, FL
  • Professor Abraham Pang, MFP™ Emeritus Professor AAFM™ E*mer"i*tus, n.; pl. {Emeriti}. [L.]A veteran executive who has honor ably completed his service but is still active.
  • Prof. Charles Bishop, PhD Taos, NM USA
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Van de Putte, PhD, RFA, CRA™, MFP™, Master Financial Professional™ – Professor of Finance at the Rouen School of Management in France, Fellow at Birkbeck College (University of London) and Shell International Executive.
  • Dr. Maurice Ewing, FRM(GARP), PhD(Princeton), CRA™(AAFM™), Executive Director, Emerging Markets Risk Advisory - Asia
  • Mike Nall, CPA, CM&A, MFP™ California, USA
  • Dr. E. Oestriecher, CEC, A.A., B.E.S. M.Ed.,Ph.D., N.D., Ph.D. E-Business Executive, Booze Allen Hamilton - Anapolis, MD, USA
  • Mauro R. E. S. de Mendonça, BA Econ, MBA, LLM, CAM™, CTS - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Dr. M. G. Junginger - Director Business Development, Financial Executive - Munich, Germany
  • Yuen Heng, Kwan (Jeffrey), MBA, MPA, CWM™, MFP™, CTEP™, CVM CRA™, CMP - SVP - M&P Global Financial Services, Inc. USA Honorary AAFM™ Advisory Board for Asia 2004.
  • Sean D. Colletto, MBA, CFE, CMA, MFP™, CAM - Arizona, USA - Hon. Global Advisor
  • F. Thomas Winters III, JD, MBA, CPM™, MFP™
  • Prof. Richard Paul Kleeburg, CMA, MBA, JD, PhD
  • Dr A. Ejaife, PhD, CAM, RFS, MFP™ - Nigeria and England
  • Dr. Thanaiwong Kirativanich, MFP™ - Thailand
  • Carl Thong, MFP™, CEC, CWM™ – AAFM™ (Asia) Board Representative
  • Thomas Irwin, MFP™, RFS™, CAM™ - Houston Texas
  • Joyce Molen, MBA, RFS™, CAM™, CPM™, RBA™, MFM™, MFP™– Texas
  • Prof. Dr. Chung-Liang Huang (Vincent Huang ) , Ph.D., MFP™, CWM™, RFS™, RBA™- Taiwan - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Matthew D. Hutcheson, MS, CPC, AIFA™, CRC, Chairman and Editor of the Journal of Fiduciary Responsibility -Author, Trainer, and Radio Personality for Finance - Oregon
  • T. Murphy, JD, LLM, MFP™ Honorary Advisor
  • R. Martinez, MS, CPA, CTEP™ Honorary Advisor** Atlanta, GA
  • Prof. Dr. Yiowmin Chay, PhD, MBus, MBA, BAcc (Hons), MFP™, MPM™, MFM™, MFC, RFS™, CAM™, FAD, CWM™, CAM™, CEC, CPA, CMILT, MBCS, CFTP - Special Advisor from Singapore and UK - Deloitte and Touche
  • Prof. Dr. Sean Patrick Rozario, DFA, MBA, MPM™, MFP™, FAD, CWM™, MFC - Honorary Advisor Asia and Singapore. Diethelm Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • Prof. Dr. Johnathan Mun - Special Advisor to the US Board of Standards - CA, USA
  • Satyendra Jindal, MBA, CFA, CAM, CPM™, CIIA - India Special Advisor
  • Michael Bradford, MBA, CWM™, ChFC - Capital One Private Client Group (Honorary Advisor)
  • Jared B. Eglington MBA, MFP™ MFM™, CAM™, RFS™. . Seattle, WA (Hon. Advisor)
  • David Livingston, CWM™, CAM™, CPM™, MFP™ (Honorary Advisor to the Board)
  • Ing. Mag. Harald Parapatits, RFS™, CPM™, MFP™
  • C. Guenzel, MFP™, CAM™ Honorary Board of Advisors
  • Francis Cazayoux, MBA, MFP™>, FAD Financial Analyst and Chartered Market Analyst
  • "William" Poh Wah William Chan, MFP™, CAM™, CRA™ Singapore *
  • Emad A. Rahim, M.S.M.,C.B.M.,Chairman and CEO of Human Service Assn. of CNY
  • Hock Yew Lim (Michael), CPM™, CMA, CWM™, FAAFM, FCMI, EMHFBOA, CSAMS, CBPA, MCDBA, MCP - Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, AAFM™ Special Advisor in Asia
  • Dr. Cesar Miguel, PhD, EMBA, CWM™, MFP™ MFM™, B.Bus(Hons)(Mgmt)(Mktg), AEPP, AFP, FAAFM(US), AIFP(S'pore) - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Michael C. Barnes, MBA, RBA™ - Georgia, USA - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Arthur Wong, B.Bus, MBA, MS - Hong Kong, China
  • Pulasti Choudhary, PMP, MPM™, CTFL, USA - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Rejimon Mattathil M.Com; PGDIM; Chartered Wealth Manager, Licenced (IRDA) Insurance Broker - AAFM™ Special Advisor in India
  • Edward Foong, momenta Group Pte Ltd Partner
* Honorary Global Advisor or Faculty Excellence Award Special Honorary Advisory Committee * Some members on the Global Advisor List are Honorary Emeritus Faculty, which is purely an Award Status and Recognition of Academic Excellence,   Life Service, and Research. Members may nominate faculty to the board of advisors and faculty members have rights to offer amendments for the innovation of standards for AAFM™. Faculty members are in no way considered to be faculty of the AAFM™ except within the limits of an Honorary or Emeritus Faculty Award Recognition. . They are simply recognized faculty members of Select Universities Worldwide that have been unanimously approved to receive honors from AAFM™.

AAFM™ Global Certification Standards and Quality Assurance


  • Professor Dr. Roberto J. Santillan Salgado - Graduate Finance Programs at EGADEI-TESM, Monterrey Campus - Founder AAFM™ Latin & South America
  • Prof. Dr. George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM™ - AAFM™ CEO Global Board of Standards - Lic. Counselor of Law, Doctor Jurisprudence, and Notary Public*** - United States
  • Dr. Ciro Martinez II, PhD, JD, LLM, MBA, CWM™, MFP™, CEC - Hon. Academic Standards - AAFM Law Certification Programwww.llmprogram.org
  • Carl Thong, MBA, CWM™, MFP™ – AAFM™ Asia (President of Asia Standards and Accreditation) - Founder AAFM™ Asia Singapore and China Chapter and Training
  • Dr. Ishaq Shafiq - PhD, MFP™, ChE - AAFM™ Global Advisor - USA and ACCE Economists - Quantum Consultants USA. Royal Society of Fellows Alliance - Africa, USA, Arabia
  • Dr. Cornell Collins. PhD, MPM™. CIPM™, BCSH, CPM, CHt. - Bahamas, India and Canada - Global Advisor AAFM™ and AAPM™ - India, Canada, Bahamas, West Indies
*The AAFM™ Super Board of Standards is responsible for the administrative decisions for the Global Certification and Training Operations. Sincerely, AAFM™ Board of Standards, which is part of AAFM™, LC American Academy of Financial Management Board of Standards LLC. owns the designation marks MFP™ MASTER FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL(™) CWM CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER(™) CMA™ CERTIFIED AND CHARTERED MARKET ANALYST(™) Registered Financial Analyst RFA Global Financial Analyst Registered Financial Specialist Global Financial Specialist Certified Family Office Specialist Certified Financial Management Analyst Chartered Asset Manager CAM™ Chartered Portfolio and Investment Manager CPIM™ Chartered Trust and Estate Planner CTEP™ and federal copyrights which it awards to individuals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certification and charter requirements.© International Academy Financial Management IAFM™ is a registered tradename of the AAFM™ Board. All IAFM™ certifications must be issued from the USA to be authentic.


AAFM™ Chartered Economists - Africa
Association of Certified Chartered Economists ACCE (Ghana) National Secretariat
HNO. 4, 1st Amooanaa Str.
Odorkor Official Town - Accra
P. O. Box DK 433, Darkuman - Accra, Ghana
Tel: (0233)21-324065/323660
Mobile: (0233)243 447933/244848284
E-MAILS: info@icceg.org a.cce@live.com
WEBSITE www.icceg.org 

Mr. Sam Koyejo – Partner
 IEI (International Education & Immigration) AFRICA

Phones : +234 702 984 1956, +234 1 852 9186
Email: ieilagos.nga@gmail.com
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Telephone line: +234 702 984 1956, +234 1 852 9186, +234 1 852 9186

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 Pmconsultings™ Management Training
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Q: How do I use my certification/designation?

A: AAFM™ Board Certification and Designations: are certification credential marks for Wealth Managers, Financial Analysts, Investment Bankers, Accountants etc. and Degree holding Financial Planners conferred by the American Academy Board of Standards. To receive authorization or accreditation to use AAFM™ Board Certification and Designations, the candidate must meet education, degree, examination, experience, continuing education, and fulfill ethics requirements, and pay good standing or certification fees. Each AAFM™ Designation below should be used in full on your business cards, web sites, promotional materials, and resumes. To preserve our trademarks, we should enforce the full use of the financial designation name. Example: John Doe, MFP™ Master Financial Professional.

Or on your resume: Awarded MFP™ charter as a Master financial professional. Example: John Doe, CWM™, CPM™, MFM™, RMA™, CTEP™, RBA™, CAM™.

Q: When can I start to use my designation?

A: Immediately after approval, AAFM™ applicants receive confirmation of acceptance of your membership or you have successfully registered for certification after completing a qualified recognized executive program.

Q: What are the benefits of being a member of AAFM™?

A: The key benefit for Certification Holders is obviously the ability to add a professional designation and post nominal to your list of resume qualifications and display this on your namecard, letter head, email signature, C.V., etc. For most individuals, certification is one of the key drivers of membership and the pursuit of higher education through the AAFM™ accepted programs. However, other key benefits exist such as:  

  1. Access to one of the Top Graduate Financial professional networks around the globe.
  2. Access to the AAFM™ body of knowledge including articles, scorecards, calculators, simulators and other tools available exclusively to AAFM™ members online
  3. An online system that may confirm your membership and certification to employers or other interested parties
  4. Access to the AAFM™ Global Jobs System Online
  5. Opportunities to network with charter holders and members throughout the world
  6. Global Conferences and Networking Events
  7. Identical qualification received as those received by a graduate of a top-US business school program (in the case of MFP™ offered to AACSB™ ACBSP™ members), and
  8. Recognition by alliance partners, corporate sponsors or multiple government bodies

Q: How do I verify if someone is truly certified by AAFM™?

A: You may use the 'Members verification' link on the right side of our webpage or contact us directly to request for verification with the following details:

  1. your full name and contact details (contact address, contact number)
  2. reason for verification request
  3. fullname of the supposed member and his identification or passport number
  4. his supposed AAFM™ certification and professional designation
  5. his member ID, if any

Q: How do I obtain AAFM™ certification?

A: There are generally 3 ways to obtain AAFM™ professional certification:

  1. successfully complete a AAFM™ certification training program conducted by a AAFM™ Accredited Training Provider
  2. successfully graduate from a AAFM™ accredited program and thereafter successfully completed the required AAFM™ conversion program, if any
  3. If you have successfully graduated from a AACSB™ or ACBSP™ business school with a concentration in a Finance related topic, you are eligible for the MFP™ Master Financial Professional certification and professional designation.

Q: Who is IAFM and what is the relationship with AAFM™?

A. A newly established organization claiming to be AAFM™ renamed as IAFM, has sought membership renewals from all existing AAFM™ members. Please see official memo from AAFM™ Board of Standards for clarification.

Aventis School of Management launches Graduate Diploma in Wealth Management!

17 August 2012, Singapore – Aventis School of Management Graduate Diploma in Wealth Management (GDWM) aims to equip candidates with key ingredient for seeking a rewarding career in finance and financial services. The GDWM will be particularly useful for those seeking employment in private banking, wealth management, and financial planning. In Singapore, this program will also be a valuable guide to participants preparing for CMFAS Module 5, 8, 8A, 9, 9A and SCI Health Insurance exams. All graduates of the GDWM will receive the AAFM™ Associate Chartered Wealth Manager (ACWM) certificate and thus eligible to use ACWM professional designation. For details on the GDWM program, please visit http://aventis.edu.sg/asm-wealth-diploma-glance.html

AAFM™ launches ChMA™ in Singapore with New Training Provider, IPE!

1st February 2011, Singapore - AAFM Asia is pleased to announce the accreditation of the Institute for Professional Excellence (IPE) as our new training provider and the launch of AAFM's Chartered Mortgage Analyst (ChMA) training program with IPE.

IPE is a training company specializing in the field of mortgage portfolio planning and wealth management. IPE is also the course developer and provider of the Certified Mortgage Portfolio Planner course, whose graduates are concurrently awarded with AAFM’s Chartered Mortgage Analyst (ChMA) professional certification and designation.

IPE aims to provide top notch training and industry insights to deliver a comprehensive and relevant program so that students can understand, be equipped and apply the knowledge learned. IPE’s focus is on core knowledge and practical application.

Trainers in IPE are equipped with many years of professional working experience in fields such as banking, insurance, stock trading and law. The trainers are also seasoned university lecturers and corporate trainers, providing training at both local and international platforms.

For more information, please visit www.ipe-edu.com.sg.

For enquiries, please call +65 6838 9032 or email: info@ipe-edu.com.sg.

CEA Recognition of ChMA™ Course

20 June 2011, Singapore - The American Academy of Financial Management AAFM™ in partnership with the Institute for Professional Excellence IPE is pleased to announce the recognition of AAFM™'s Chartered Mortgage Analyst ChMA™ course as Non-Core continuing professional development (CPD) hours. This recognition was granted by the Council of Estate Agents of Singapore (CEA). ChMA™ certification has been classified under CEA's CPD guidelines as "marketing skills and techniques" and CEA members who are awarded with AAFM™'s ChMA™ certification would be able to obtain 3 CPD hours out of the mandatory 6 CPD hours requirement per year. IPE is the Accredited Training Provider for AAFM™'s Chartered Mortgage Analyst™ ChMA™ certification and designation program in Singapore. For more information, please visit www.ipe-edu.com.sg. For enquiries, please call +65 6838 9032 or email: info@ipe-edu.com.sg.

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New Training Provider Accredited!

18 July 2010, Singapore – AAFM Asia is pleased to announce the accreditation of Financial & Biz-Ed Consultants (FBC) as our new training provider for AAFM’s Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM™) program. AAFM Asia congratulates FBC on this accreditation and looks forward to a successful collaboration!

FBC was formed in the year 2000 and specializes in providing financial training to professionals in the financial services industry. FBC is able to put together a multi-disciplinary team of experts to look at client’s requirements from different perspectives. All trainers are from diverse background holding professional credentials like Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Consultants, Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Analysis and Advocates and Solicitors.

For enquiries on the CWM program schedule, please contact FBC via email at info@fbiz-ed.com

Additional Training Provider in Taiwan Accredited!

December 2010, Taipei, Taiwan – The American Academy of Financial Management AAFM is pleased to announce the accreditation of Certiplat Ltd as AAFM's Accredited Training Provider in Taiwan. Certiplat is a professional HR training provider led by leaders who firmly believes that “Recognized Qualification” is the key factor which enables enterprise and high-quality team members to demonstrate competitive edge internationally. Certiplat is focused on building up the International Qualification Platform (IQP) which provides tuition and examination services. The team members of Certiplat are highly experienced trainers of business management, leadership and financial analysis in Taiwan. Further, Certiplat is also dedicated to establish IQP as a vocational qualification benchmark integrated in HR training resources for academy, government and enterprise in the Greater China region.

For enquiries and details, please contact Mr. Marvin Lin at certiplat@gmail.com or +886-2-77350048.

Recognition in Taiwan, Republic of China!

1 December 2009, Taipei, Taiwan – The American Academy of Financial Management AAFM chapter in Taiwan is pleased to announce that the Master Financial Professional MFP has been recommended as a recognized non-governmental professional competence certificate by the Technical and Vocational Education system, one of China's major educational system approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic Of China. "We are very pleased with this official recognition by the authorities, which further supports our mission to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive professional development program for the financial and banking sector," says Ms. Pamela Peng, AAFM Taiwan Representative. Dr. Chiu Yung-Ho, Dean of School of Business of Soochow University (http://www.scu.edu.tw) stated, "We are pleased that the MFP program is now officially recognized. Further, The School of Business at Soochow University is proud to be the official assessment and examination center for the MFP program. We have worked closely with AAFM in the past 3 years to establish a value-added and meaningful program complement existing MBA and other master programs. This official recognition now also allows the participants to seek reimbursement for the course fees for the MFP continual professional development program."

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