Global Alliances and Recognition

The American Academy of Financial Management™ is an independent worldwide graduate society of financial professionals. We are a global self-regulatory organization that recognizes the highest in educational, experience, ethical, and continuing education standards as dictated by the Supreme Court decision on financial designations and board certifications. Advance inside, try a lady luck casino på nätet utan registrering.


AAFM™ is also the first Global Financial Organization to orchestrate a direct recognition policy and articulation agreement to the AACSB™ International and ACBSP™ Accreditation Agencies for obtaining the AAFM™ MFP™ Master Financial Professional Credential.  Thus, AAFM™ now has a global recognition agreement with the ACBSP™ and the AACSB™ International, which are the Top 2 Accreditation Agencies Worldwide for Graduate Business Schools and represent 560 of the top business schools internationally.  Also, AAFM™ is the first purely financial certification training organization to be sanctioned by an education arm of The Chinese Government.


Moreover, AAFM™ has a coexistence legal agreement with the CFPTM™ Board of Standards Worldwide and The CFA/AIMRTM Inst. Worldwide in which AAFM™ has special global rights to several designations including MFP™ Master Financial Professional Graduate Designation & The Registered Financial Specialist Credentials.  AAFM™ is also disclosed, listed and approved for listing in the US Dept. of Education Directory, US Dept. of Labor Websites along with other top financial and accounting organizations. AAFM™ is working with over 560 colleges around the world to improve and harmonize financial education and training.