All AAFM™ certifications, charters and masters designations are issued directly from the USA with seal, stamp, and registered agent mark.

AAFM™ Charters, Certifications and Designations in Asia and Middle East

CFOM – Chartered Family Office Manager™

The CFOM qualification examines the growth in multi-faceted family office practices for high-net worth clients, particularly in respect to the role of advising clients on international affairs.

CRA – Certified Risk Analyst™

The core designation in the AAFM's Risk Management program, the CRA covers areas of AML and Financial Crimes and Operational Risk and looks at management techniques, structures and strategies for today's modern corporation/institution. It requires working exp in Risk.

CPM – Chartered Portfolio Manager™

Focused on portfolio and fund management, research, portfolio technology, and investing, the CPM program offers executives the tools to focus on specialist portfolio management techniques. It requires a minimum of 3 years experience, plus a career in Investment.

ChMA – Chartered Mortgage Analyst™

The Mortgage Analyst designation is a retail mortgage products and lending specialist program that focuses on best practice credit approvals, products structure and collections for the mortgage business.